Sunday, August 10, 2008

The first of many...

I had a blog once before and I had a good time, but of course I got out of the habit and it kind of died away. Then when I went back, I couldn't get back in because Google took it over and it's all f'd up. But I still go back and read it, sometimes. You should too.

So why start up again? Two reasons; first, because Joshua has a really good blog and makes me want to write more, and second, because I went to Las Vegas in May and had a terrible time. And because I was having a terrible time, I was not as willing to tolerate all the crap that city can throw at you. The people there were crappy, the service was crappy and the casinos were crappy. The only good thing was I was hanging out with my best friend from high school. But everything else was crap.

The really weird thing is that when I got home to Washington, I saw a bunch more crap; crap at work, crap in the papers and crap on TV. I lost my ability to ignore all the crap and pretend I wasn't constantly fighting off incessant advertising, manipulation and trickery. I lost my desire to "play along". I could no longer just "let it go".

So now I see all this crap; advertisements that are full of crap, statements by news makers that are crap, and just ... well, CRAP! People saying and doing things that make no sense if you just pay attention.

Now I've noticed this all before, it just didn't bother me as much as it does now, and the part that bothers me the most is how far from reality the crap has gotten. It's gone this far because no one has been calling "them" on their wilder and wilder crap. And now crap is way out there. Now crap becomes reality if you repeat the crap enough. It gets de-crapified each time it gets repeated. But it still smells like crap.

So I figure someone needs to be pointing out all the stupid crap we read, see and hear every day. Now, this has been done in some areas already, so I will mostly skip the crap coming from the White House. But everyone else is fair game.

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