Friday, September 19, 2008

I can't believe he picked her

I cannot believe how stupid Sarah Palin is. How did she get to become the VP pick for a presidential nominee? What was McCain thinking?

Watch that video. It's not even the "Bush Doctrine" one, its about Iran and nukes and the Middle East. She knows NOTHING.

How bad is this country getting? We pick George Bush twice and McCain picked Sarah Palin.

My god. We're all gonna die.

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Joshua said...

I can see the prep session before this interview:

Palin: But I don't know anything.
Her Staff: That's okay, we got Bush elected ... twice.
Palin: But what if he asks me questions. You know about governments and stuff.
Her Staff: Just say Islamic extremists, terrorists, and hell-bent as often as you can. Stress that mid-west accent too. People love that.